DebtBay supports companies to raise debt efficiently.


Our goals are to ensure continuous access to international credit markets and to reduce interest expenses substantially.


DebtBay makes valuable contribution to Capital Governance.

Debt Issuance

From the conception of a new debt instrument to its successful placement — DebtBay assists in the selection and incentivation of issuing banks, provides a neutral view on pricing and advises on an ideal allocation.

New Issue Review

DebtBay evaluates the issuing process, the participating banks and analyse the allocation list independently. Based on this, we optimise future new issues and provide a concrete catalogue of action.

Creditor Relations Concept

Together with you, DebtBay designs a Creditor Relations Story that highlights the special characteristics of your company.

Bond ID Review

Based on a Bond ID DebtBay analyzes the optimization potential of your creditor relations strategy and provides specific advice.

Green Finance Advisory

DebtBay supports you in the conception, marketing, issuing of green debt instruments and the optimization of your green rating.

Leverage-Based-Value (LBV)

LBV is a concept developed by DebtBay for the strategic management of the capital structure. The concept identifies the share of market capitalization based on debt capital. LBV-based optimization enables an increase in shareholder value.