Capital Governance

Capital Governance

Capital Governance

Debt­Bay helps com­pan­ies to raise debt effi­ciently.

Our aim is to ensure con­tinu­ous access to cred­it mar­kets and a sus­tain­able reduc­tion in cor­por­ate interest-rate expendit­ure.

Debt­Bay provides a valu­able con­tri­bu­tion to Cap­it­al Gov­ernance.


Debt Issuance

From the con­cep­tion of a new debt instru­ment to its suc­cess­ful place­ment — Debt­Bay assists in the selec­tion and incentiv­a­tion of issu­ing banks, provides a neut­ral view on pri­cing and advises on an ideal alloc­a­tion.

Creditor Relations Concept

Togeth­er with you, Debt­Bay designs a Cred­it­or Rela­tions Story that high­lights the spe­cial char­ac­ter­ist­ics of your com­pany.

Bond ID Review

Based on the Bond ID oper­ated by our part­ner IHS Markit Debt­Bay ana­lyzes the optim­iz­a­tion poten­tial of your cred­it­or rela­tions strategy and provides spe­cif­ic advice.

New Issue Review

Debt­Bay eval­u­ates the issu­ing pro­cess, the par­ti­cip­at­ing banks and ana­lyse the alloc­a­tion list inde­pend­ently. Based on this, we optim­ise future new issues and provide a con­crete cata­logue of action.

Rating Assessment

Debt­Bay eval­u­ates the pro­spects of suc­cess of an extern­al rat­ing inde­pend­ently.

Green Finance Advisory

Debt­Bay sup­ports you in the con­cep­tion, mar­ket­ing, issu­ing of green debt instru­ments and the optim­iz­a­tion of your green rat­ing.

Leverage-Based-Value (LBV)

LBV is a concept developed by Debt­Bay for the stra­tegic man­age­ment of the cap­it­al struc­ture. The concept iden­ti­fies the share of mar­ket cap­it­al­iz­a­tion based on debt cap­it­al. LBV-based optim­iz­a­tion enables an increase in share­hold­er value.

DebtBay’s Management

Dr. Markus Wal­ch­shofer