Our Vision

Our vision is the optimization the debt management of our clients and is based on 3 core values:


Screening of capital structure and interest terms by professional benchmarking


Direct communication between issuers and investors


Implementation of specific funding strategy by modern technology

Our Approach


Professional benchmarking of the debt structure and identifying the existing and potential investorship of an issuer are the starting points of our analysis. In doing so, we will specifically address the following questions:

  • Is the leverage ratio appropriate and is it reflected in a positive leverage-based value (LBV)?
  • Has the debt capital been raised on acceptable terms?
  • Were the primary market transactions carried out efficiently? What concrete interest expenses could have been saved?
  • Does the company have a sufficiently diversified investors base?
  • Is adequate secondary market coverage achieved through professional creditor relations?
  • Is there a need for optimization of ratings?

Strategy definition

The analysis based on benchmarking enables the strategy definition:

  • Which instrument mix (e.g. bonds, loans, Schuldscheine) should an issuer choose in the future?
  • Which funding channels should the instruments be placed through? Classic, alternative or in a combination of both?
  • Are bank syndicates properly remunerated and incentivized or have they been overpaid?
  • Which interest rates are appropriate?
  • How can current challenges, such as climate change and the COVID19 crisis in particular, be overcome?


The best concept is ineffective without proper implementation. That is why we attach particular importance to the implementation and accompany our clients in the execution of the jointly defined strategy, both in the area of secondary market coverage and in the area of primary market transactions, in which the fruits of secondary market coverage are harvested.

Our shared Perspective

Evolution of funding strategies

The enormous potential of digitalization has already fundamentally changed the financing process of companies and will continue to do so in the future — at an increasing pace. This gives companies the opportunity to define independent financing strategies that will unlock enormous savings potential and will significantly improve the financial result.

Increase of company’s earnings through optimized debt management

In times of economic crises, the threat of deglobalization, increasing trade barriers and risen competitive pressure, the operational growth potential of many companies seems to be exhausted for the time being. An increase in company results in this decade will therefore be made possible primarily by reducing financing costs and is becoming more and more of a focus.